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Liberation ParkWe are a young Dhamma refuge in southwestern Wisconsin, with roots in the Thai Theravada tradition of Buddhism and inspired by Suan Mokkh, the 'radically conservative' Garden of Liberation founded by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu in southern Thailand. We are dedicated to fostering communities of liberatory practice; providing a natural setting for personal retreat and study; and living out Buddhist ethics of healing, right relationship, ecological care, and social responsibility (more).

Breaking ground this Summer - more Funds Needed

We moved to this 70 acre valley in Wisconsin's beautiful driftless region in 2006 and have been slowly building, through volunteer labor & donations, facilities for practice, study, and simple living. This website contains Dhamma teachings (text & audio), study materials, calendars of teachings & events, local partners, pictures, building plans, and funding needs. Please explore the menu bar, most recent Newsletters, and blog.

Visitors enjoy the beauty of land, water, grasses, trees & flowers, birds, quiet, & practice throughout the year, and especially from mid-Spring into late Fall. With the help of our volunteer committees, the building of facilities continues after 2011's big challenge of lymphoma, treatment, and subsequent recovery. A four-season hermitage for retreatants is near completion and a Guest House is in the early fund-raising stage.

Appeal & Donation Flyer (pdf).

Santikaro's blog posts regular updates and reflections. We remain most grateful for the amazing inspirations and support that have sustained us and continue to do so. We aim to contribute to the Buddha's great project of Awakening.

Important background on What we are doing here and Why.

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