Anapanasati talks

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Mindfulness & Heart Virtues for Healing

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Four Dhamma Buddhies

Santikaro explores one of Ajahn Buddhadasa's practical formulations concerning key elements of meditation practice. Hosted by Eau Claire Buddhist Sangha.

  1. Introduction to the Four Comrades & the Essential Role of Samadhi (February 22, 2012: 42 min; 9.7 mb)
  2. How the Comrades Work Together & The Importance of Awareness with Intelligence (April 10, 2012: 50 min; 11.5mb)
  3. Intelligence, Insight, & Wisdom Complete the Quartet (May 8, 2012)

Anapanasati & Cit-Waang (16 April 2007)

Mindfulness with Breathing as a way to explore and deepen the experience of free-empty mind, one that is not concocted into 'me' and 'mine.' (40 minutes and 7.1 mb)

14-day Retreat at Cloud Mountain (February 2006)

Our detailed discussion of Anapanasati will be posted here over the next few months.
  1. Anapanasati as Path of Serene Insight Part 1 (4.8 mb) | Part 2 (4.2 mb)
  2. Contemplating Body in Bodies Part 1 (4.6 mb) | Part 2 (4.6 mb)
  3. Calming the Body-Conditoner (6.3 mb) and Other Body Contemplations & 2 Kinds of Thoughts (4.1 mb)
  4. ... in preparation ...

Talks on the Anapanasati Sutta (July 2004)

This essential Sutta maps out the practice through which the Buddha himself awakened and that he most often recommended to others. This, truly, is the Buddha's Vipassana.

Anapanasati & the 4 Foundations of Mindfulness (July 23)

We look into how the Buddha linked mindfulness with breathing and his classic framework for establishing mindful awareness, inquiry, and insight:

Part 1 (4.0 mb): Right-Click to Download | Left-Click to Stream

Part 2 (4.1 mb): Right-Click to Download | Left-Click to Stream

Anapanasati & the 7 Factors of Awakening (July 30)

We explore how the seven factors arise out of the four foundations established through breathing in and out, elevating our practice to the highest level, beyond Vipassana to True Knowledge and Liberation:

Part 1 (3.71 mb) | Part 2 (3.9mb).

Conditionality within Anapanasati (August 13)

Idappaccayata in our practice of Anapanasati (tying together our looks at the Anapanasati Sutta w/ our study of paticca-samuppada). Idappaccayata is the broader principle of conditionality of which the paticca-samuppada of dukkha is a specific case. The first page of the original handout has the classic sutta description of Idappaccayata. How does this show up in Anapanasati? Are there particular lessons that are especially relevant? Also, how can our practice of Anapanasati illuminate the paticca-samuppada of clinging & dukkha? And how is Anapanasati relevant to our response to paticca-samuppada?

Talks on the Hindrances (Nivarana)

The hindrances are gnat-like moods that interfere with the mind's capacity to focus, calm, and be clear. Traditional Buddhist meditation literature speaks of them as the obstacles to concentration and absorption. They also get in the way of insight, naturally, and mindfulness in daily life. Understanding them and how to deal with them is essential to Dhamma practice, especially meditation.

1st ... Overview of the Hindrances

(18 July 2004 |5.4 mb)

2nd ... Learning & Antidoting: dealing with the coarser hindrances

(25 July 2004 | 6.04 mb)

3rd ... Subtleties & Absorption: dropping the finer hindrances

(1 August 2004 | 4.6 mb)

Practice Advice

Tools & Tricks: every mature meditator needs them

(24 September 2011, 11.0 mb, 46 mins) ...

Acceptance & Wise Action: neither passive nor aggressive (5 September 2006)

(5 September 2006, 4.9 mb) ...

Khanti: Endurance, Tolerance, Patience

Reflections on the "supreme incinerator of defilements," reactivity, and selfishness.

(28 August 2004 | 6.14 mb)

Right Effort (4 Right Strivings): General Applications

(3 January 2006, 5.96 mb)

Right Effort (4 Right Strivings): In Meditation Practice

(10 January 2006, 4.83 mb)

If you have benefited from these talks, please consider supporting this website and the other activities of Liberation Park.

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