reflections on modern life

Santikaro explores what appears to be a common feature of moden life. Is it a problem, too? Or just the way things are?

Busyness from the Perspective of the Noble Tuths (part 1)

Insight Chicago, 20 Jan 2009 (mp3, 7.9 mb)

Conversations: Busyness in our Lives

Insight Chicago, 16 Feb 2009

Introduction (mp3, 2.3 mb)

Conversation 1 (coming soon)

Conversation 2 (coming soon)

The End of Busyness

Madison Sangha, 01 Mar 2009 (mp3, 5.2 mb)

Recommended: Mindful-ness and Busy-ness

by Kobai Scott Whitney of Plum Mounatain Refuge, WA