Local links in Wisconsin

Groups we work with and other doings in our area.

Chicago area

Insight Chicago

La Grange meditation meet-up

Suan Mokkh (The Garden of Liberation in Southern Thailand)

Suan Mokkh was Santikaro's beloved home, school, & laboratory for 15 years.

In collaboration with the Buddhadńsa Indapa˝˝o Archives (Bangkok) this site is being converted into a repository of ePubs and audio in English and other non-Thai languages.

Santikaro's Teaching Schedule

Including travels, workshops, meanderings, conferences, & talks

Dhamma & Meditation Centers

Cambridge Insight Meditation Center

(Vipassana in University land)

Cloud Mountain Retreat Center

(Vipassana & other retreats, b/w Seattle & Portland)

Common Ground Meditation Center

(Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Dharma Zephyr Sangha

(Reno & Carson City, Nevada)

Insight Chicago

(Insight Meditation in Chicago - retreats, visiting teachers, & peer support)

Insight Meditation Center and Sati Center for Buddhist Studies

(Mature, thoughtful, dana-based, & non-consumerist Dhamma - Redwood City, CA)

Nalanda Community

(Theravadin Community in Brazil)

Rime Buddhist Center, Kansas City

(Tibetan & Ecumenical Buddhism)

Twin Cities Vipassana Collective

(Minneapolis/St. Paul, retreats at various locations near the twin cities)


Wisdom Publications

books on Buddhism from all traditions

Snow Lion Press

more books on Buddhism, especially Tibetan


Buddhist site including some things by Tan Ajahn

Access to Insight: Readings in Theravada Buddhism

Extensive collection of writings from Theravada tradition, including many original translations from the Pali Tipitaka. For some strange reason, though, they do not carry anything by Ajahn Buddhdasa.