Barn for horses & other critters

We worked hard throughout October with timely help from many.

By the start of November, we're just about done, in time for Santikaro's trip to Siam.

south face 
south face
last side to go  one side to go
indoor siding 
indoor siding
delivering hay  delivering hay
storing hay 
storing hay
break  break
finishing shingles 
finishing shingles
horses moving in soon  horses moving in soon
at the end of another fun, hard day 
another fun, hard day
finished for today  finished for today
Doing its Dhamma of Duty
Doing its Dhamma of Duty
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Many thanks to ...

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Mike S




Doug N

Doug B



The barn's been finished every day, and now looks more like it. With some fence panels, rock screenings, & tidying up inside, the horses can start taking shelter here. The doors, windows, and a few other details will get sorted out later. The cows have gone home for the winter, so Tara and her charges can have the stream & pastures to themselves -- for the first time.

Thanks, again, to Christy Tews & Dharma Zephyr Sangha (Nevada) for their kind donation of an air compressor, pneumatic nailers, and generator. This makes the building easier and lessens wear and tear on aging joints, sinews, and muscles.

And thanks to all who gave some labor & love to this project. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed your company.