Shed ... our first construction

and first Cabin was begun in Summer 2007.

Late October & November

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We have temporary electrical service as of mid-Oct,
so are almost ready to start building a modification of
this Salt Box Shed. Gravel arrived today, so
the site is ready for us to lay down 4x4 skids
and a floor on top of them.
Once it's finished, we'll have work area to store tools, begin work on the first cabin, and make tea for breaks.
Without a truck we use human legs, arms, backs, and hearts
(will probably need to get a truck).
It isn't easy figuring out what these plans
are saying about the trusses.
Help from visiting parents.
The snow dwindled over a few days and
the weather has been pretty good for working (Nov 14).
It's warm enough if one keeps moving.
Going slowly ... but the roof was finished
(Nov 24th)
Finished just in time to leave for Thailand (Nov 25th, 2006).

Next up:

starting a Cabin in the Spring.