Kamma-Dana: Work Weekends (Flier to Print)

fun-filled weekends during Spring, Summer, & Fall

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Work weekends are times when we are prepared to have a bunch of friends at LP helping on various projects. Some folks camp out and some stay in local B&Bs. We share group meals and Dhamma conversations. We balance efforts to get things done with enjoyment of each others' company. Advance warning helps to get things ready.

2012 Workdays

When people asked Ajahn Buddhadasa to sprinkle them with 'holy water,' a Thai custom, he responded: Work hard and wash away selfishness with sweat. If you think Liberation Park is worthy of such support, please join us for any work days that you can make.

Priorities will be staining the outside of the cabin, redoing border fencing, and general grounds work that we weren't able to stay up with in 2011.

May 26-27: Cabin Staining - outside if weather permits - inside if poor weather.

June: Exterior Painting - as weather permits - call for upcoming days.

July-October: Ongoing Fencing Project, Wood Shed Construction, Gardening, Grounds Maintenance - you are welcome to join in any time that is convenient for you - call ahead.

Please RSVP in advance of scheduled workdays:
email or phone (608-780-0481) to arrange to your visit on non-scheduled workdays.


There is a guest room in the office in Norwalk, one mile from Liberation Park, and two tent cabins at Liberation Park. We have one outhouse on site & bathroom/kitchen both at the office and in the caretaker's cabin. A three bedroom cottage is available to us in Wilton 6 miles away, as well as two local B&B [A or B] or hotels. Please contact us for further information.

Projects completed

With lots of help and joy, we have been able to finish the following:

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