Available for Adoption - Equines and Felines!

On occasion and as pasture allows, Liberation Park is able to foster one or two horses in search of their forever home. Horses are accepted according to need and ability to blend with the resident herd. Horses in need of rescue, or facing bleak or uncertain futures, are given priority. Stallions or overly aggressive souls cannot be fostered at LP.

Horses are adopted out to qualified, loving homes who intend to keep and care for their new family member for the entirety of the animal's life. Adoption fees are negotiable and are based on the cost of the animals care while here. If you would like more information about horses for adoption or to schedule a visit, please call (see contact page) or email: horses "at" liberationpark.org

We also frequently welcome Kitty wayfarers who are in need of permanent homes - pictures will be posted here as they arrive and are available.


Patsy was picked up by our kind friend Patti Knower - she was scampering along a busy highway in the cold and dark. She is being fostered temporarily in Viroqua. Please consider giving her a loving home for the holidays!

**Patsy was adopted on Thanksgiving - Yayy!**


Another four-legged friend, with a sweet steady personality, is in need of a good home. Cass is a five year old Percheron/Quarter Horse gelding looking for a home where he will get lots of attention. His current owner must travel most of the time for work and can not give him the care he deserves. Though he is only 15.1 hands tall he has lovely gaits and would make a beautiful and flashy dressage prospect. He has not had much training, just 30 days under saddle a year ago. He is full of heart and soul. He is blind in one eye, but has compensated very well and is easy to work with. He has a good mind and is not spooky, even with the vision deficit. He is courteous but eagerly seeks out people, and is a cuddle bug if cuddles are offered. For Parelli students he's got a lot of left brain introvert qualities with some extrovert playfulness and curiosity thrown in. Cassanova Photo Album.

**Cass has moved on to a Sheboygan based rescue where he is receiving more training and socialization to other horses, but he is still in search of his someone special and forever home - please contact us for more information!**

Cass head shot


Both Cadence & Lyric found good homes by the time summer arrived!

Thank you to those who inquired about each of them.

Cadence & Lyric Photo Album