Carrying on after retreat

the real practice!

At the end of a delightful retreat outside Santa Fe, NM (June 2010), I suggested 6 things to support carrying on with Dhamma practice in the days, weeks, and months following the retreat:

  1. Clarifying priorities: If daily practice isn't a significant priority, don't expect it to happen. If it is a priority, make it happen.
  2. Suitable places & spaces: Create a space at home where you can enjoy meditating, that beckons you to meditate. Outdoor spaces are great, too. Good to have some outside the house places, too, for when you need them.
  3. Everyday: Daily practice means just about every day.
  4. Friends, mentors, & teachers: Have at least one peer with whom you can have good (non-competitive, non-judgmental) conversations about meditation. A mentor with more experience is also helpful and not so hard to find. If you can link up with an appropriate and accessible teacher, wonderful.
  5. Reflection & study: Feed the intellect with information, advice, and careful thinking that support meditation. The Pali suttas are a profound, wonderful resource. Practrice asking skilful questions.
  6. Lifestyle: If Dhamma practice & meditation are important, your lifestyle will adjust accordingly. If your lifestyle isn't changing, something is missing.

Best wishes for rewarding, insightful, calming, and liberating practice.