La Crosse Area Meditation & Dhamma Inquiry Group

2nd & 4th Wednesdays at 6:30-8:30 pm

Location: Bridges United Methodist Church at King & 8th

Contact Santikaro at lax at liberationpark dot org if you have questions or to get on the group's email list. The emails will outline session themes and details.

Important Location information! The church doors are always locked. The evening's hosts will arrive early to set up and meet you at the door. Please use the 721 King Street entrance, where one of us will be waiting to greet you. Knock if you don't see anyone. There will be plenty of parking on the street. The church also has parking space off of 8th St.

Meditation starts at 6:30 pm. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before then. The "Lounge," first room on right, where we meet, has many chairs. If you prefer to sit on the floor, please bring your own mat and cushion. In cold weather, bring a blankie.

For New Meditators! Let us know in advance and Santikaro can arrange to meet with you for basic meditation instructions. Follow up instruction can also be arranged. Just reply to this email.

Dana (donations, gifts, free-will offerings) to sustain Kevala Retreat (Liberation Park) and support our work are most welcome. Santikaro and Kevala Retreat depend on donations as sole means of support. We also need volunteer help with a variety of outdoor and indoor projects and upkeep. Kevala Retreat makes donations to Bridges UMC for kindly hosting us.

A sampler of Santikaro's talks from La Crosse and elsewhere are posted at

Practicing with the Four Noble Truths

  1. Suffering & the Quenching of Dukkha (mp3, 6.4 mb):
  2. Suffering, Quenching, & Conditionality (mp3, 7.6 mb)
  3. Your Most Pervasive Forms of Dukkha & Craving? (mp3, 6.2 mb)

Practicing with Dependent Co-Arising

    1. Dukkha Depends on Birth & Becoming (mp3, 4.9 mb)
    2. Ego-Birth Arises from Clinging & Craving (mp3, 6.0 mb)
    3. The Experiential Nexus: Feeling & Contact (mp3, 4.7 mb)
    4. Guided Meditation on Sense Media & Contact (mp3, 7.5 mb)
    5. Advice for On-going Practice (mp3, 1.1 mb) ... Guide Questions
    6. The Experiential-Perceptual-Cognitive Process (mp3, 7.1 mb)
    7. Guided Meditation on Vedana (Feelings) (mp3, 6.7 mb)
    8. Comment on Vedana ... goes with preceding (mp3, 1.4 mb)
    9. What Are We Embodying?
    10. The Concocting of Consciousness by Ignorance