Dependent Co-Origination (Paticca-Samuppada)

In June & July the usual Friday Sutta study group explored the Buddha's teaching of Dependent Co-origination (paticca-samuppada), which describes the details of how ignorant reactivity to the natural experiences of life conjures up egoism and suffering. We looked at material from the original Suttas of Early Buddhism and emphasized the "this life" interpretation of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu. We will continue to explore its relevance to meditation and our everyday practice.

Click here to download the handout being used in the classes (pdf).

Wheel of Life from Suan Mokkh's Theater of Spiritual Entertainments

Audio of weekly Instruction

June 4: Practical Understanding of Paticca-Samuppada

The fundamentals of dependent co-origination as they are reborn repeatedly each day (6.58 MB).

June 11: Delineations of "I" & Ignorant Contact

The stages of ego conception, gestation, & birth reviewed; the centrality of contact & the importance of ignorance (6.79 MB).

June 18: Review & discussion of material covered in first two classes.

There wasn't a talk this week.

June 25: Dependent Quenching and A Note on Ignorance

Various perspectives on quenching the spinning of egoism & dukkha (6.41 MB), plus more on contact & ignorance (594 KB).

July 9: Mahanidana Sutta (D.15)

Available online at Access to Insight (Thanissaro Bhikkhu translation) and in print within The Long Discourses of the Buddha, tr Maurice Walsh (Wisdom). Also see translation & notes in the updated class handout.

July 16: Upanisa Sutta, "Transcendent Dependent Co-Origination" (SN XII.23)

Many sources: our MP3 audio and The Dependent Co-Origination that Goes Beyond the usual Concocting of Suffering (tr. from Buddhadasa Bhikkhu). [Alternate translations by Bhikkhu Bodhi and by Thanissaro Bhikkhu, and an excellent essay by Bhikkhu Bodhi.]

August 20: The "Dependent Co-origination of Ignorance's Food."

Ignorance (avijja) is also something with conditions. Here the Buddha explores further nuances of paticca-samuppada; there's more to it than just the standard 12 link formula. Please see #5 in the Handout (pdf).

October 29: Dependent Co-origination & Selflessness

All dependently co-arisen stuff is not-self, not worth clinging to as "me" or "mine." Click here for details.

We will continue studying paticca-samuppada regularly, as it informs all aspects of Buddha-Dhamma.