Digha-Nikaya Study Index

Suttas we have studied from the Long Discourses of the Buddha

This is a simple listing of Suttas we have studied. Links point to pages with more detail.

From the Digha-Nikaya (Long Discourses)

Sutta links to Access to Insight (unless otherwise noted)

Kutadanta Sutta

DN 5 (LDB 133; D.i.125): The Buddha's radical rethinking of "sacrifice," so that it is bloodless. Interesting religious and social implications.

Potthapada Sutta

DN 9 (LDB 159; D.i.178): On perception, states of consciousness, and how these are taken as basis for self-conception.

Kevaddha Sutta

DN 11 (LDB 175; D.i.211): A monk traverses the celestial realms with a question but none of the dieties can help him. Finally, he goes to the Buddha. Also, a bit on "miracles."

Mahaparinibbana Sutta

DN 16 (LDB 231; D.ii.72): The Buddha's Final Days are described in this important devotional sutta that also has some nice encapsulations of certain aspects of Dhamma.

Lohicca Sutta

DN 12 (LDB 181; D.i.224): On blameworthy and blameless teachers.

Sakka-Panha Sutta

DN 21 (LDB 321; D.ii.263): Sakka, the God, consults the Buddha.

Cakkavatti Sutta

DN 26 (Thanissaro translation excerpt from Access to Insight) or (Walshe translation at LDB 395; D.iii.58): The Wheel-turning Emperor; on the strengths and deterioration of righteous rulers as well as the true refuge of those following the homeless life.

DN = Digha-Nikaya

LDB = The Long Discourses of the Buddha, tr. by Maurice Walshe (Wisdom).